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I think if an author is going to write a book that is so heavily dependent on such condition formulae that there should be an appendix giving some simple 3-ingredient formulae that the reader can make up at a cost-effective price, instead of having to buy premade oils and powders from a supplier.

Otherwise, great book, honest work, and well worth the price for the anecdotes, information, and spells.

Hoodoo Playing Card Magic in Rootwork and Conjure by Professor Charles Porterfield is a necessary addition to anyone interested in learning about the mystery of playing cards.

Porterfield, a published author, popular radio personality on the Now you Know show, is not only a brilliant teacher and mentor to thousands world wide, he is also one of the best intuitives in the world.

A Deck of Spells contains many spells in an easy to understand manner. The book is informative, powerful, and excellently written.

Along with many spells, Porterfield has included a brief history of playing cards. He explains the different types of decks including, The French deck, the German deck, the Latin deck and the Spanish deck.

Porterfield includes interpretations of divinatory meanings for the reading of playing cards. If you want to learn how to read playing cards for yourself or others, this book is a must have.

As a solitary practitioner and playing card enthusiast, this book is gold. Professor Porterfield gives a wonderful and colorful history of playing cards with honesty.

I say that for the fact that so many authors of esoteric literature today speculate far too much. There's invaluable information on divination, practical magic, care, etc.

This is a book to get if you enjoy playing cards and especially if you entertain with them. For magicians such as I it opens a whole new world of variety for you.

It will require time and you wanting to learn it. If not it's still interesting reading. This little book is full of interesting information and practical spells using playing cards, which is really a traditional tool in folk magic.

Given it's size, there does seem to be some areas where information is hinted at but the reader must continue their research on their own.

There aren't many books available on the subject though, so it does provide a wonderul introduction to the practice. One person found this helpful.

This is the first book that I've come across that actually covered cartomancy with some sort of ritual work that is not overly new age or filled with vague generalities.

The book is short and small, but don't let that fool you. What I really enjoy about this book is that there is no filler or fluff.

Every single word that the Professor has written into the book is pure meat. You will get something out of every sentence in the book.

Aside from being a "spell book," this can serve as a guide to learning different forms of cartomancy for the aspiring root worker or diviner. The second half of the book is where the magic happens- a spell for every single card, along with a small section of tarot spells using the Major Arcana.

I refer to this book often and used many of his techniques alongside other hoodoo methods- and it works! I liked the book because I first learned how to do divination was through playing cards.

For me to know that I can use those same cards to work magick is awesome. But do not judge this book by its title.

Graham provides unique tarot spells that can be performed anytime with some exceptions where timing may come into play. The spells, for the most part, require few tools beyond tarot cards.

These spells are brief, but powerful. Their brevity also gives you the option to consider combining similar-themed spells together, or inserting a spell into a larger ritual or working you are creating.

In the short time I've had this e-book, I found a way to combine a meditative working she created on accepting loss featuring the Queen of Pentacles with a meditation that seemed perfect to use as a short ritual drama from her Death Card Connection Ritual.

And Graham encourages you to take her material and run with it Graham also wrote incantations for each spell incantations They are mostly clever and meaningful.

She provides a tarot connection ritual for each of the 78 cards. I just dove right into this book, hopping around from place to place, finally looking through the nice subject index to seek out spells that may be of immediate interest to me.

And I've now started reading it from the beginning. You can learn a lot more about your tarot cards performing these meditative rites, particularly the connection rituals for each tarot card.

Graham gives a nod to author and her inspiration for writing this book Janina Renee author of Tarot Spells and you can see Renee's influence in this book.

If you are not into magic and spellwork, you might still find the meditations provided quite useful. If you are more into divination, you may wish to check out Graham's other book, Tarot Spreads instead.

But together, these two books are great additions to your personal library. I love starting the day with daily prayers and meditations and it's hard to find daily books and reflections for the magically inclined.

This one is great and gives me little meditations and intention setting exercises to reflect on and is helping me get to know my deck better by highlighting specific cards each day.

I love being able to bring them out and use them for mediations rather than only reaching for them when I need to do a spread for guidance, etc.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I bought both of the book , and I love them. A different spread for everyday.

The spell one is fantastic too. Very happy with my purchases. Thank you for a super awesome book! This book is filled with great visualizations and incantations for spells.

Some spells are similar but the subtle differences make them interesting and may resonate better than others.

I think Sasha Graham fulfilled her intent for this book. I'm so pleased that we have another tarot spell book. There's so much to work with and the spells are easy and effective.

This book is highly recommended. I just received this and glanced through it. Looks easy to read. Can't wait to get home and take a deeper look at it.

I am truly enjoying this book. Most people will take your hard earned money for one reason or another by making tall promises will either runaway with it or never return it back.

Here is the moment to cast return back money spells that work which will make such people return your money and face wrath for cheating and not fulfilling their promises.

Green Power Money Spells. These are mega white magic money spells based on white magic. Each person who has ever ordered for this spell has become rich beyond belief.

People who were on the street most recently are now living grand lifestyles by the help of this money spell and there is no explanation for such a major turnaround.

Such is the strength of these white magic money spells. Money spells to attract wealth are popular black magic money spells. Attraction money spells will do just what the title says i.

These spells are used by the masses and results are enjoyed by all. These money spells really work and keep attracting wealth forever. Attract money spells are the mother of all spells for money.

Black magic spells are extreme spells, reign supreme over all other magic spells. Return back money spells are black magic spells which guarantee money will be returned back to you.

People or person who have taken your money and refuse to payback will come to you on knees and return back money.

Debt Banishing Money Spells. Powerful banishing debt spells are popular. Debt banishing spells will clear all debts quickly and miraculously to everyone's surprise and disbelief.

Debts clear at such speeds that casters often get overwhelmed after casting banishing debt spells. My piece of advice to people who are stuck in the boots of debts and have no hope to clear debts should cast banishing debt spells and be free from debts.

Banishing spells are the permanent solution. Lottery spells I cast are black magic spells which are the best magic spells because there is a lot at stake for people who play lotteries hence I keep nothing to chance and cast the best of the best spells.

Lottery spells are for all different kinds of lotteries that are played throughout the world. Lottery spells make people win and the habit of winning will never stop.

Most ordered spells are lottery spells that work fast. Want to be super successful in life but the means are limited or zero to none?

Striving hard to become successful but fail to succeed always? Success decides and sets your standards in the society.

The more you achieve the bigger a personality you become. Success is measured in terms of money and achievements and nothing else.

No matter how worthy you could be as an individual, if you are not achieving success in life then you are doomed to be neglected and tagged as a failure in society.

You could be a bit disturbed and worried after reading this but your worry will not last long since the success spells I have put together are a compilation of the best success spells that are tried and tested on some of the most successful and richest people.

Oh yes you are not alone, each person rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful cast money spells and use my services at some point or another to make improvements in lives.

Want quick results by using black magic but not sure how to go about it? The mother of all magic spells are black magic spells.

In my experience they are the most extreme and powerful magical spells. They work at a speed of light and the most effective. Not much to write about them since they are not very different from other spells.

The only difference is that they are guaranteed to work and quickly that is. The difference I have just about mentioned above is what makes black magic spells uniquely different from other magic spells, be it white magic spells, dark spells or egyptian spells.

Quiet a difference isn't it or the difference that matters to most people. One point to make clear is to only use black magic spells for genuine and legitimate purposes.

I have outlined some free black magic spells for beginners as well. Need revenge from enemy? Want to taste sweet revenge? Thoughts of revenge immediately gives us feelings of anger, hatred and fire within.

Some call the use of revenge spells forbidden and few call it sinful. God only knows from where people come up with such unheard theories of their own.

I have seen the world and I leave it to you if you want to cast revenge spells. My advice cannot be as frank as this.

If you want revenge badly then go for these revenge spells and why bother taking the word of people who think otherwise. I doubt they would hold the same opinion against revenge spells if they would have gone through the same things as you have with your enemy.

After all no person orders these revenge spells for fun sake, revenge spells and hex spells are ordered with a purpose. Feeling insecure and unsafe constantly?

Want to be secured!!! Most things in life come at a cost. Glad to inform you that such is not the case with protection spells.

The universe is filled with more evil forces than good forces that unknowingly can or could be causing harm to you thanks to your enemies who will love to get you under the influence of such evil forces and black magic that would attack and harm you leading to complete destruction and dismay.

Have you changed your mind just yet regarding protection and how important it is after reading about it? I am sure you have. Try protection spells by taking quick action.

Need to remove and repel hex but don't know how? Evil forces are used effectively to put people under their cloud.

People do such things due to hatred, jealousy and to harm. This is human nature of some that cannot be changed and I don't want to waste time by talking about it.

What's more important for us is to find the cure rather than finding correlations between the human brain and how it works for some. Black magic removal spells will effectively destroy black magic, evil and hex spells.

Will at the same time make certain that no magic ever harms you in the future or comes in the way. Free Love Spells I have put together nearly hundreds of free love spells on this page that are free spells, easy to cast and full of power.

Need love spells, marriage spells, breakup spells, lost love spells, free easy love spells and black magic spells for love then this is the right place for you.

Take my word at face value when I say these simple love spells really work. Free Money Spells Money spells are made to order custom spells and then there are free money spells for self help.

This page is considered by magical communities as the ultimate free money spells page. On this page one can find money spells, business spells, success spells, instant money spells, angel spells and many more spells for money.

Free Success Spells Success is vital for everyone in this world hence I have put together some of the very best free success spells. This page has job spells, business spells, success spells, money spells and good luck spells.

Pick your spells for free. Free Revenge Spells Revenge spells are black magic spells and extreme spells to take revenge, destruction and cause harm to enemy or rival.

Magical Write-Ups from the author's desk. Magic Spells - One of a kind magical spells for everyone to use. Surf my pages on spells and magic to witness the mightiest spells ever that work and give the best results.

Magic spells are ordered from me and I will do the spell casting as per requirement and there are many amazing magic spells one can find throughout my website that are free for use.

There are tons of free magic spells I have put up on my website for everyone. Contact me if any questions pertaining my spells and I will guide, my motive is to guide and share my knowledge and help others.

Magic Rings - Real magic rings which have magical properties in them either naturally or infused magically are termed as magic rings or wonder rings.

Magical rings I prepare are a combination of power gemstones that occur naturally in the earth's crust and magical infusions thus making the rings unique and very effective.

Magic rings, healing rings, money rings and love rings are popular amongst the masses. Talismans - Magical Talismans have a rich ancient history and known to mankind since the start of human life and existence.

Many believe talismans to be the first stepping stone of magic. Talismans when used properly create amazing wonders that none can imagine or believe.

There are broadly two types of magic talismans - black magic talismans and white magic talismans. Black Magic Spells - Well the world knows about black magic and what it's capable of doing.

Let's face the fact, black magic works and is a principle force of nature that has kept magic and its practice alive in modern days.

If it would not be for black magic then magic would not find an existence in the modern era. Black magic spells are custom cast spells for many different purposes.

Black magic spells such as love spells, black magic money spells and destructions spells are popular. Invocation formulas enable the conjurer to see, control and command these invisible beings for personal and materialistic fulfillments.

I prepare 4 primary invocations which have stood the test of time and ordered most. Genie invocations, angel of wealth, spirits calling and genie wish spells formula.

Angels For Wealth - Nearly thousands of forces are occurring in the unseen world. Widely talked about forces are angels of wealth, genies and spirits.

Angels for wealth are known to bring humongous and gigantic amounts of money to the conjurer. Angels of wealth or money angels as some call them bring mountains of gold, wealth and money to the invoker in direct and indirect ways.

If you seek money in tons then the angel of wealth formula is for you. African Voodoo Dolls - Voodoo is african magic and quiet simply african voodoo dolls are the trademark of voodoo magic.

Voodoo is known to the world and recognized by voodoo dolls such is the impact of the magical voodoo dolls.

Voodoo spells can never be reversed and brings forward astounding results. Voodoo spells for love, money, revenge and destruction are popular. Africa is famous for voodoo dolls and their effectiveness.

Voodoo dolls are prepared for all things such as love, money, hex and destruction. Voodoo magic is extreme and considered to be the best by many experts.

Surf my website for the strongest african voodoo dolls. Overtime voodoo has evolved and now voodoo magic spells are taking over all the other kinds of magical spells.

Voodoo magic spells are promising spells. Real Genie Wish Spells - If you are the one who does not want to control a genie but rather only prefer wishes getting fulfilled then the genie grant wishes spell is just for you.

It's simple, easy and the most effective spell for getting wishes fulfilled. The real genie wish spell works forever and each day your wishes will get fulfilled.

No matter how small or huge your wishes are the genie wish spell will fulfill all wishes like a breeze. Spirits For Money - Learn the art of invoking spirits for money and become the richest person in town.

Spirits for money formula is designed to give correct lottery numbers, winning numbers and to let you know the secrets and treasures of this world which you can locate easily and take advantage of.

Indian Magic Spells - India is considered to be the land where magic took birth and rightly so. Indian magic spells are popular since the origin of magic and are still running popular, reason being that Indian spells have evolved overtime thanks to the Indian wizards and masters.

Indian magic spells as per my experience are by far the best magic spells and outshine all other kinds of magical spells by a long way. Black Magic Spells For Money - Black magic spells for money can be termed as quick magic spells because they give quick results which is the main reason why black magic spells are considered to be the best spells ever for money.

People who order black magic spells for money have become rich overnight to such an extent that one cannot imagine or even think of.

Contact me via email for these strong spells at mightyspells gmail. White Magic Spells - White magic spells are divine and holy spells.

White magic is traditionally the preferred form of magic and the common belief that goes with white magic is that the person casting white magic spells will be blessed by God.

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Fortune spells -

Wählen Sie eines dieser Bonusangebote von unseren Empfehlungen der besten Casinos: Um diese Art …. Das wichtigste Symbol in diesem online Casino Spiel ist aber das Einhorn. Beeindrucken Sie den Zauberer und gewinnen Sie mit ihm zusammen bis zu 5. Schon die Kartensymbole sehen ziemlich mythisch und spannend aus. Nowadays the ouija board is used to know answers to hidden secrets of this world and the unseen to fulfil materialistic wishes. These are mega white magic money spells based on glücksritter magic. Love spells need time and you must show patience for them to work. We can even dial the number for you! They are mostly clever and meaningful. Today with your help and divorce spell I am living a happy life. Astro Science and Astral casino. I will cast the spell for you that you will achieve success and all your wishes will be fulfilled. I was suffering from generational curse. Rudraksha comes in the form of a rudraksh mala and one mukhi rudraksh triple chance tipps popular.

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